Are Dog Kennels Cruel?


No dog kennels are not cruel. However there are a number of factors to consider when deciding whether or not a kennel is a right environment for your dog.

The size of the kennel is important to consider as dogs need to have enough room to move around and stretch their legs. A kennel that is too small can cause your dog to feel cramped and uncomfortable.

The type of kennel is also important. Some kennels are made of wire which can be uncomfortable for your dog to lie on. There are also kennels that are made of plastic which can be easier on your dog’s joints.

The kennel should also have a door that your dog can use to come and go as he or she pleases. This will allow your dog to get fresh air and exercise.

Finally the kennel should be kept clean. A dirty kennel can be a breeding ground for bacteria and parasites.

How To Make A Dog Kennel Seem Like Less Cruel?

A dog kennel can be a great way to keep your furry friend safe and secure when you can’t be there to supervise them. But for some dogs a kennel can feel like a prison.

If your dog is kenneled up for long periods of time it’s important to make sure they have plenty of toys bedding and other comforts to keep them happy.

Here are a few tips to make your dog’s kennel seem like less of a punishment:

Give Them Plenty Of Toys And Chewables.

A bored dog is a destructive dog so make sure your pup has plenty of things to keep them occupied while they’re in their kennel. Kongs stuffed with treats are a great option as are chew toys like Nylabones.

Make Sure The Kennel Is Comfortable.

A dog kennel is not a luxury item – it should be sturdy safe and comfortable. Make sure your dog has plenty of bedding to snuggle into and that the kennel is the right size for them to move around freely.

Let Them Out Regularly.

A dog that’s cooped up in a kennel all day is going to be pretty unhappy. Make sure to let them out regularly for potty breaks playtime and cuddles.

Consider Using A Dog Crate Instead.

A dog crate can be a great alternative to a kennel and many dogs find it much more comfortable. If your dog is anxious in their kennel consider switching to a crate.

Talk To Your Vet.

If your dog is truly unhappy in their kennel it may be worth talking to your vet about anti-anxiety medication. This can help your dog stay calm and relaxed while they’re in their kennel making the experience much less stressful for them.