Can Axolotls See In The Dark?


Yes axolotls can see in the dark.

They have special light-sensitive cells in their eyes that allow them to see in low-light conditions.

This ability helps them to hunt for food and avoid predators in their dark murky habitats.

Do Axolotls Have Night Vision?

Yes axolotls have night vision.

They are able to see in low-light conditions and can even see in complete darkness.

This is because they have special light-sensitive cells in their eyes called rods.

Rods are more sensitive to light than the other type of light-sensitive cells in their eyes called cones.

This allows axolotls to see in dim or dark conditions.

Can I Leave My Axolotl In The Dark?

Yes you can leave your axolotl in the dark.

There is no need to provide light for them as they are a subterranean species and do not rely on sight to navigate or hunt for food.

In fact leaving them in complete darkness may help them feel more secure as bright light can be stressful for them.

If you are keeping them in an aquarium make sure to cover the tank with a dark cloth or paper to ensure that they are not disturbed by any light sources.

Do Axolotls Like Light Or Dark?

Most axolotls prefer dark or low-light environments.

This is likely due to their natural habitat being underground in dark caves and tunnels.

However some axolotls are more tolerant of light than others and some even prefer brighter environments.

If you’re keeping an axolotl as a pet it’s best to provide a tank or enclosure that has both well-lit and dark areas so your axolotl can choose its preferred level of light exposure.