Can Corn Snakes Eat Eggs?


If you’re thinking about getting a corn snake you may be wondering what kind of diet they require. Can corn snakes eat eggs?

It’s actually a common question that potential snake owners have. After all eggs are a convenient and relatively inexpensive food source.

As it turns out corn snakes can eat eggs but there are a few things you should know before feeding them this way. In this article we’ll cover everything you need to know about feeding corn snakes eggs including the pros and cons of this diet option.

What You Need To Know About Corn Snakes

Before we dive into whether or not corn snakes can eat eggs let’s briefly cover some basic information about these popular reptiles.

Corn snakes are a type of rat snake that is native to the southeastern United States. They get their name from their characteristic yellow and orange coloration which resembles that of corn kernels.

Corn snakes are non-venomous and relatively easy to care for which makes them a popular choice for snake owners of all experience levels. They typically grow to be between 3 and 5 feet in length although some individuals can reach up to 6 feet.

As far as diet goes corn snakes are typically carnivorous meaning that they primarily eat meat. In the wild their diet consists mainly of small rodents such as mice and rats.

In captivity corn snakes can be fed a variety of different foods including frozen mice live mice and commercial snake food. Some corn snake owners also choose to feed their snakes eggs on occasion.

Can Corn Snakes Eat Eggs?

So can corn snakes eat eggs? The answer is yes corn snakes can eat eggs but they should not be fed eggs as their main source of nutrition.

Eggs can be a healthy occasional treat for corn snakes but they should not make up a large part of their diet. This is because eggs lack many of the nutrients that corn snakes need to stay healthy.

For example eggs are very low in calcium which is essential for corn snakes. If corn snakes eat eggs too often they could develop health problems such as metabolic bone disease.

Additionally eggs are a relatively high-fat food which can lead to obesity in corn snakes. If you do feed your corn snake eggs it’s important to do so in moderation.

When feeding your corn snake eggs it’s best to offer them hard-boiled eggs. This will make it easier for your corn snake to digest the eggs and reduce the risk of them becoming sick.

If you choose to feed your corn snake raw eggs you should do so with caution. Raw eggs may contain bacteria that can make your corn snake sick.

Additionally raw eggs can be difficult for corn snakes to digest. For these reasons it’s best to avoid feeding your corn snake raw eggs altogether.

When feeding your corn snake eggs you should also be sure to remove the eggshells. Eggshells can be difficult for corn snakes to digest and can cause digestive problems.

Additionally eggshells can be a choking hazard for corn snakes. For these reasons it’s important to remove the eggshells before feeding them to your corn snake.

How Often Should Corn Snakes Eat Eggs?

As we mentioned earlier corn snakes should not eat eggs too often. If you do choose to feed your corn snake eggs it’s best to do so in moderation.

Ideally corn snakes should only eat eggs a few times per year. This will help to ensure that they get the nutrients they need while avoiding health problems associated with an egg-heavy diet.

If you have any further questions about whether or not corn snakes can eat eggs be sure to consult with your veterinarian. They will be able to give you specific advice based on your corn snake’s individual dietary needs.