Can Ducks Wear Diapers?


Yes ducks can wear diapers!

There are even specially-made duck diapers available for purchase. While duck diapers aren’t absolutely necessary they can be helpful in keeping your duck’s living area clean and dry.

Here are a few things to keep in mind if you’re considering putting diapers on your duck: 

Duck diapers should only be used for a decorative or petting purposes – they should not be used as a way to confine or restrict movement.

The best type of diaper to use is a cloth version with an elasticized waist and legs. This will allow your duck to move around comfortably while still keeping the diaper in place. 

When putting the diaper on your duck be sure to adjust it so that the tail hole is not too tight. This will help prevent your duck from getting tail necrosis a condition caused by poor circulation. 

Check the diaper frequently to make sure it isn’t causing any chafing or irritation. If you notice any redness or soreness take the diaper off and give your duck a break from wearing it. 

Duck diapers can be machine-washed and reused. Just be sure to let them air dry completely before putting them back on your duck. 

How Often Do You Change Duck Diapers?

Ducks are generally very tidy birds and don’t need to have their diapers changed very often.

If you have a pet duck you should change its diaper about once a week or more frequently if it seems dirty.

Keep an eye on your duck’s crouch area and change the diaper whenever it looks wet or soiled.

It’s important to keep your duck’s living space clean so be sure to clean its cage or enclosure regularly as well.

How Do You Make A Duckling Diaper?

First you will need some supplies. For the body of the diaper you will need a soft washable fabric like cotton jersey or flannel

No-sew fusible interfacing

Snaps OR Thread and needle


Step 1: Cut two pattern pieces.

One front piece that is wide enough to cover the duckling’s belly and one back piece are long enough to wrap around the duckling’s bottom.

The width of both pieces should be Twice the circumference of the duckling’s belly plus 1 inch (for seam allowances).

The length of the back piece should be equal to half the circumference of the duckling’s bottom plus 1 inch (for seam allowances).

Step 2: Cut a piece of interfacing that is the same size as the front pattern piece.

Step 3: Place the interfacing on the wrong side of the front fabric piece and iron it in place.

Step 4: Sew the two fabric pieces together along the sides and bottom leaving a 1-inch seam allowance.

Step 5: Turn the diaper right side out and press the seams.

Step 6: Attach snaps or velcro to the inside of the diaper at the waistline.

Be sure to position them so they will be covered by the wings when wrapped around the duckling’s body.

Now your duckling can enjoy a nice clean environment while staying cute and cuddly!

Can Ducks Be Toilet Trained Instead?

Ducks can be toilet trained but it will take some patience and effort on your part.

The key to success is to start training as early as possible preferably when the ducklings are just a few weeks old.

You will need to provide a small wading pool or tub filled with water for the ducklings to use as their toilet.

Each time they go potty in the pool give them a treat so that they associate going to the bathroom with something positive.

Eventually they should get the hang of it and start using the pool automatically.

Keep in mind that ducks don’t always have perfect aim so you may still need to do some cleanup even after they’re trained.