Can Guinea Pigs Eat Newspaper?


Yes guinea pigs can eat newspaper.

However there are a few things to keep in mind.

First the ink on most newspapers is non-toxic.

However some inks may be harmful so it’s best to check with your vet to be sure.

Second the paper itself is not very nutritious so it shouldn’t make up a large part of your guinea pig’s diet.

A little bit here and there is fine but too much paper can lead to digestive issues.

Third be sure to shred the paper before giving it to your guinea pig.

Large pieces of paper can be a choking hazard.

In general guinea pigs love to chew on things and paper is a safe and fun option.

Just be sure to monitor their intake and provide plenty of other healthy foods as well.

Guinea pigs are known to enjoy chewing on paper products like cardboard and paper towel rolls.

The benefit of giving your guinea pig paper to chew on is that it provides them with essential mental stimulation and helps keep their teeth healthy and clean.

When choosing a paper product for your guinea pig to chew on be sure to avoid anything that has been treated with chemicals or dyes.

You should also avoid giving them shredded paper as this can be a choking hazard.

Instead opt for a sturdy paper product like a paper towel roll or a piece of cardboard.

To make the paper even more enticing for your guinea pig try spreading a thin layer of hay on top.

Your guinea pig will love the taste of the hay and the added texture will make the paper even more fun to chew on.

So the next time you’re looking for a healthy and fun snack for your guinea pig reach for a piece of paper! Your guinea pig will thank you for it!