Can Guinea Pigs Get Colds?


Just like humans guinea pigs can get colds.

In the wild guinea pigs live in areas with relatively stable climates so they don’t have to worry about extremes of temperature.

However when they are kept as pets they can be vulnerable to temperature changes especially if they are not used to them.

A sudden cold snap can cause a guinea pig to develop a cold just as it would in a human.

The symptoms of a cold in a guinea pig are similar to those in humans.

The guinea pig may have a runny nose sneeze often and have watery eyes.

He may also have a decreased appetite and be less active than usual.

If your guinea pig has any of these symptoms it’s important to take him to the vet right away as a cold can progress to pneumonia if it’s not treated.

The vet will likely prescribe antibiotics to clear up the infection and may also recommend that you provide your guinea pig with some extra warmth.

A warm humid environment is ideal for helping a guinea pig recover from a cold.

You can create this type of environment by putting a humidifier in his cage and covering part of the cage with a towel or blanket.

If your guinea pig does develop a cold it’s important to take extra care of him and make sure he stays warm and comfortable.

With proper treatment he should make a full recovery in a few days.