Can Guinea Pigs Have Pumpkin?


Guinea pigs are one of the most popular pets in the world and for good reason! They’re adorable cuddly and relatively low-maintenance.

But even though they’re not as high-maintenance as some other pets they still have specific dietary needs that must be met in order to keep them healthy.

So can guinea pigs have pumpkin?

Yes guinea pigs can have pumpkin and it’s actually good for them! Pumpkin is a great source of fiber which is important for keeping their digestive system healthy.

It’s also a good source of Vitamin A which is essential for their eye health.

Just make sure that you give them pumpkin in moderation as too much of it can cause them to gain weight.

When giving your guinea pig pumpkin make sure that it’s fresh and unseasoned.

Canned pumpkin pie filling is not appropriate for guinea pigs as it contains too much sugar and other ingredients that are harmful to them.

You can either give them fresh pumpkin that you’ve carved yourself or you can buy canned pumpkin that’s specifically labeled as being safe for pets.

If you give your guinea pig pumpkin seeds make sure that they’re unseasoned as well.

Seasoned pumpkin seeds can contain salt and other spices that are harmful to guinea pigs.

You can either buy unseasoned pumpkin seeds at the store or you can remove the shells from fresh pumpkin seeds yourself.

Pumpkin is a great treat for guinea pigs but like all treats it should be given in moderation.

Too much pumpkin can lead to weight gain so only give your guinea pig a small piece of pumpkin a few times a week.

If you have any concerns about giving your guinea pig pumpkin talk to your veterinarian.