Can Snakes Eat Hamsters?


Yes snakes can eat hamsters but there are a few things to consider before you make this happen.

Snakes are carnivores meaning they require a diet of mostly meat.

Hamsters are omnivores meaning they require a diet of both meat and plants.

This means that a hamster’s diet is not ideal for a snake.

In addition hamsters are much smaller than most snakes so they would need to be eaten whole.

This can be a risky proposition for a snake as there is a chance the hamster could bite or scratch the snake while it’s being eaten.

That being said there are some snakes that are known to eat hamsters.

The most common type of snake to do this is the corn snake.

Corn snakes are native to the southeastern United States and are relatively small so they can easily eat a hamster whole.

If you have a corn snake and are considering feeding it a hamster there are a few things to keep in mind.

First make sure the hamster is healthy and free of any diseases.

It’s also important to choose a hamster that is the right size for your snake.

A baby hamster or a very small adult hamster would be the best choice.

You should also avoid feeding your snake a hamster that is bigger than its head as this can be dangerous.

Once you have chosen a healthy and appropriately sized hamster you will need to kill it before feeding it to your snake.

This can be done by freezing the hamster for 24 hours or by breaking its neck.

Once the hamster is dead you can either skin it or leave the fur on.

If you choose to leave the fur on make sure to remove any quills from the hamster’s back as these can injure your snake.

Once the hamster is ready to be eaten place it in your snake’s enclosure and watch to see if it is eaten.

If the hamster is not eaten within 24 hours remove it from the enclosure as it will begin to rot and could make your snake sick.

So can snakes eat hamsters? Yes but it’s not the ideal diet for them.

If you choose to feed your snake a hamster there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure both the safety of your snake and the hamster.