Can Snakes Get Drunk?


Snakes are after all creatures of mystery. They’re often seen as symbols of danger death and darkness. But could these feared creatures also be susceptible to the effects of alcohol?

The answer it turns out is a resounding yes. Snakes can in fact get drunk.

But how you might ask? Well let’s take a closer look at the science behind it all.

First it’s important to understand that snakes don’t have the same kind of digestive system that we do. They don’t have a stomach so they can’t store alcohol in their bodies the way we can.

Instead snakes absorb alcohol directly through their skin. This means that if they’re in an environment where there’s alcohol present they’ll start to feel the effects almost immediately.

So What Exactly Are Those Effects?

Well depending on the amount of alcohol that a snake has been exposed to the effects can range from mild to severe. In small amounts alcohol can act as a mild sedative causing the snake to become sluggish and less active. In larger amounts however alcohol can cause snakes to become agitated and aggressive.

In extreme cases alcohol can even be fatal to snakes.

Why Would A Snake Want To Consume Alcohol In The First Place?

Well there are a few possible explanations. For one snakes are cold-blooded creatures. This means that they rely on the environment around them to regulate their body temperature.

If a snake is in an environment that’s too cold it might turn to alcohol as a way to raise its body temperature. Additionally snakes are known to be attracted to the smell of alcohol. So it’s possible that they’re simply drawn to the scent and don’t realize the potential dangers.

Whatever the reason it’s clear that snakes should be avoided if there’s alcohol present. If you see a snake in a bar or other alcohol-serving establishment it’s best to just leave it be.

And of course if you’re ever tempted to offer a snake a drink just remember: it’s not a good idea to mix alcohol and reptiles.