Can You Take Guinea Pigs Out Of Their Cage?


Yes guinea pigs can be taken out of their cages but there are a few things you should keep in mind.

First guinea pigs are social animals and prefer to be around other guinea pigs.

If you are going to take your guinea pig out of its cage it’s a good idea to have another guinea pig nearby for companionship.

Secondly guinea pigs are very curious and like to explore their surroundings.

Be sure to supervise your guinea pig closely to prevent it from getting into any trouble.

Finally guinea pigs are susceptible to stress and can become easily overwhelmed.

If you notice your guinea pig starting to get agitated it’s best to put it back in its cage to calm down.

Will They Run Away?

Guinea pigs are social animals that thrive on companionship.

While they can technically be kept as solo pets it’s not recommended since they’ll likely get lonely and depressed without another guinea pig to interact with.

This means that if you take them out of their cage they may try to run away in search of the company.

Of course every guinea pig is different and some may be more content to stay put and explore their new surroundings.

But if you’re planning on letting your guinea pig roam free it’s always best to do so in a safe enclosed area where they can’t escape.