Can You Use Baby Shampoo On Guinea Pigs?


Yes you can use baby shampoo on guinea pigs.

There are a few things to keep in mind when doing so however.

Baby shampoo is generally very gentle and designed for use on sensitive skin which is good for guinea pigs since they have sensitive skin themselves.

However you should always dilute baby shampoo before using it on your guinea pig as the concentrated form can be too harsh.

Mixing equal parts baby shampoo and water is a good ratio to use.

Also be sure to rinse your guinea pig thoroughly after shampooing to avoid any irritation.

Is Baby Shampoo Safe For Guinea Pigs?

Whether you’re a first-time guinea pig owner or you’ve had your furry friend for years you probably want to do everything you can to keep them healthy and happy.

And part of that is making sure you’re using the right products on them.

So is baby shampoo safe for guinea pigs?

The answer is yes – in moderation.

Baby shampoo is designed to be gentle on sensitive skin which is perfect for your guinea pig.

However you should only use a very small amount and make sure you rinse it off completely.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when using baby shampoo on your guinea pig:

  • Only use a very small amount. A little goes a long way with this product.
  • Make sure you rinse the shampoo off completely. Any residue can irritate your guinea pig’s skin.
  • Avoid getting the shampoo in your guinea pig’s eyes. If this happens rinse the area with water immediately.
  • Use shampoo only when necessary. Too much can dry out your guinea pig’s skin.

If you follow these guidelines baby shampoo can be a safe and effective way to keep your guinea pig clean.