Do Dogs Belong In The House?


No dogs belong outside the house. This is because dogs are for the protection of your house that’s if you need one for protection in the first place.

If you have a big backyard the dog can stay there and do its business there too.

Dogs also like to run and roam around so it’s best to keep them outdoors so they can do this without disturbing anyone in the house.

Lastly dogs shed fur and this can be a nuisance for people who are allergic to animal fur or who simply don’t want dog hair all over their house.

Is It Unhealthy To Have Dogs Inside The House?

Yes it can be unhealthy to have dogs inside the house. Dogs can bring in allergens bacteria and other contaminants into the home.

Additionally dogs can track mud and dirt into the house which can also increase the risk for allergies and other health problems.

The best way to avoid these risks is to keep your dog outside as much as possible.

If your dog must be inside make sure to regularly vacuum and clean all surfaces to remove allergens and bacteria.

Additionally consider using a air filter or air purifier to help reduce allergens in the home.