Do Dogs Have Souls?


Yes dogs have souls. However we do not know a lot about human souls let alone animal and dog souls so it’s best not to discuss anything without solid proof from revelation.

A revelation that’s preserved that is.

Do Dogs Have Souls And Go To Heaven?

No as discussed in our other blog post dogs do not go to heaven. This is due to the fact that animals aren’t held accountable for whatever they do. They are but they aren’t punished for eternity for their wrongdoings as humans are in Hellfire the biggest of which is to associate partners with God.

Is It True Dogs Don’t Have Souls?

Dogs do have souls but that’s about it. They aren’t punished in the Hellfire nor are rewarded in Paradise/heaven. Only humans (and jinn) have the fate either of going to Hellfire or in Paradise.

Will We See Pets In Heaven?

You can watch this video for the answer to your question: