Do Ducks Have Ears?


Yes ducks have ears!

They’re not as prominently featured as their bill or webbed feet but they do have small ear flaps that help them regulate their body temperature.

Their ears are also important for helping them balance while swimming and for hearing predators and other threats.

What’s really interesting is that ducks can close off their ear entrances when they want to keep water out – pretty neat huh?

Why Do Ducks Not Have Ears?

Ducks do have ears but they are pretty small and easy to miss. Their ear openings are located on the sides of their heads just behind their eyes.

While we might not think of ducks as being especially proficient in hearing they actually have really good hearing.

This is likely due to their need to be able to hear predators approaching as well as other potential threats.

So while you might not notice them ducks definitely do have ears!

How Well Can A Duck Hear?

While we typically think of ducks as having bills and webbed feet something that often goes unnoticed is that most ducks don’t have external auditory canals or what we know as ears.

In other words they don’t have the same kind of hearing apparatus that we do and this is due to the fact that their feathers are so effective at insulating them from sound.

Ducks do have inner ears however and they are able to hear quite well.

Their hearing is essential for their survival as it allows them to detect predators and other potential threats.

So even though we might not think of ducks as having great hearing they actually do pretty well in this department!

Are Ducks Deaf?

Ducks are not deaf but they can be harder to train than other pets because they don’t always respond to sound.

Ducks communicate through a variety of sounds including quacks chuckles grunts and squeaks.

They may not always respond to your voice but they will usually respond to other ducks. If you’re planning on training your duck it’s important to start when they’re young.

You may want to consider getting a book or video on duck training or talking to a professional trainer.