Do Falcons Eat Squirrels?


Yes falcons do eat squirrels.

In fact they are known to prey on a variety of small to medium-sized mammals including rodents rabbits and even birds.

While they typically hunt from the air using their sharp eyesight and powerful talons to swoop down on their unsuspecting prey they will also stalk their prey on the ground using their camouflage plumage to blend in with their surroundings.

It’s a common misconception that falcons only eat other birds.

In reality these powerful predators will eat anything they can catch including rodents like squirrels.

While hunting falcons will use their keen eyesight to spot their prey from high up in the sky.

Once they’ve spotted something they’ll swoop down at high speeds and snatch it up with their talons.

Squirrels are a common target for falcons as they provide a good source of protein and fat.

These birds will typically eat their prey whole bones and all.

So if you see a falcon hunting in your area there’s a good chance it’s after a squirrel.

And you can bet that it won’t go hungry for long!

How Do Falcons Eat Squirrels?

When it comes to hunting squirrels falcons are some of the most efficient predators around.

Their sharp eyesight and powerful talons make short work of these small rodents and they will often eat several squirrels in a single day.

While squirrels are not the only thing that falcons will eat they do form a significant part of their diet.

In fact studies have shown that falcons in North America typically eat more than 50% of squirrels by weight.

So how do these birds of prey go about hunting their furry prey?

As mentioned falcons have incredibly sharp eyesight.

This allows them to spot a squirrel from a great distance away even when the animal is hiding among trees and foliage.

Once a falcon has spotted a squirrel it will begin to stalk its prey.

The bird will quietly approach the squirrel getting as close as possible before finally striking.

When attacking the falcon will extend its talons and grab the squirrel with a vice-like grip.

The squirrel will often be killed instantly either from the impact of the attack or from the falcon’s sharp talons.

The falcon will then carry the squirrel back to its nest or perch where it will eat its prey.

While most people think of falcons as being solitary hunters they will sometimes work together to hunt larger prey.

This is especially common among parent birds and their young who will team up to take down squirrels that are too large for one bird to take on alone.