Do Guinea Pigs Have Tongues?


Yes guinea pigs have tongues! Although their tongues are relatively small and not very visible they do have them.

Guinea pigs use their tongues for eating drinking grooming and exploring their surroundings.

Like other rodents guinea pigs’ teeth grow continuously throughout their lives.

To keep their teeth at a manageable length they need to gnaw on something hard on a regular basis.

Their tongues help them do this by constantly moving around in their mouths keeping their teeth worn down.

In addition to helping keep their teeth healthy guinea pigs’ tongues also help them to groom themselves.

By licking their fur they are able to remove dirt dust and other debris.

This helps to keep their coat clean and healthy.

Guinea pigs are very curious creatures and they love to explore their surroundings.

Their tongue plays a big role in this by helping them to identify different textures and tastes.

When they encounter something new they will often use their tongue to taste it and see what it is like.

Overall guinea pigs’ tongues serve many important functions.

They help to keep their teeth healthy their fur clean and their curiosity satisfied.

Without their tongues guinea pigs would be at a big disadvantage!