Do Guinea Pigs Hold Food In Their Cheeks?


Guinea pigs are interesting creatures that have many quirks and habits that are unique to them.

One such quirk is their ability to hold food in their cheeks.

Guinea pigs are able to do this because they have a special pouch in their cheek that allows them to store food.

This pouch is called the buccal cavity.

The buccal cavity is a sac-like structure that is located on the side of the guinea pig’s head just behind the incisors.

When the guinea pig wants to store food in its cheek it will use its tongue to push the food into the buccal cavity.

The guinea pig can then close its mouth and the food will stay in the pouch until the guinea pig is ready to eat it.

So why do guinea pigs do this?

There are a few reasons why guinea pigs might store food in their cheeks.

One reason is that it allows them to eat more food at one time.

If a guinea pig is only able to eat a small amount of food at a time storing food in its cheek allows it to eat more food overall.

Another reason why guinea pigs might store food in their cheeks is to save it for later.

If a guinea pig knows that it is going to be a while before it has access to food again it may store food in its cheek so that it has something to eat later on.

Finally some guinea pigs may simply enjoy the act of storing food in their cheek.

For these guinea pigs it may be a way to keep their food close by and have it readily available when they want to eat.

Whatever the reason it is clear that storing food in their cheek is a habit that is unique to guinea pigs.

If you have a guinea pig you may want to take notice of how often it does this and if it seems to have a preference for certain types of food.