Do Guinea Pigs Lose Teeth?


Guinea pigs do lose teeth – but not in the same way that humans do.

For starters guinea pigs have two sets of teeth: their incisors (the teeth in the front of the mouth) and their molars (the teeth in the back of the mouth).

Unlike humans who only have one set of teeth that fall out and are replaced by adult teeth guinea pigs continue to grow new incisors throughout their lives.

As they age guinea pigs’ incisors will eventually wear down and need to be trimmed by a veterinarian.

This is a routine procedure that is nothing to be concerned about.

It’s also important to note that guinea pigs’ teeth grow continuously – meaning they don’t stop growing like our own teeth do.

This is why it’s so important to make sure they have plenty of hay to chew on.

Hay helps to wear down their teeth and keep them at a healthy length.

If a guinea pig’s teeth are not kept properly trimmed they can start to grow into the roof of their mouth.

This is extremely painful and can cause serious health problems.

So if you think your guinea pig’s teeth might be getting too long it’s best to take them to the vet to get them checked out.

In short yes – guinea pigs do lose teeth.

However it’s nothing to worry about as long as they are getting their regular vet check-ups and have plenty of hay to chew on.