Do Snakes Eat Rabbits?


A lot of people are afraid of snakes and with good reason. These slithering creatures can be deadly and they don’t always play nice. But what about snakes and rabbits? Do these two animals get along?

It turns out that snakes and rabbits can have a complicated relationship. In some cases snakes will eat rabbits. But in other cases the two animals will coexist peacefully. Here’s a closer look at the complicated relationship between snakes and rabbits.

Do Snakes Eat Rabbits?

The short answer is: yes snakes can eat rabbits. In fact snakes will eat just about anything they can fit into their mouths. Snakes are carnivores which means they rely on animal flesh for food.

Rabbits are a popular food source for snakes. That’s because rabbits are small and they’re relatively easy to catch. Snakes usually kill their prey by constricting it and rabbits are the perfect size for this type of kill.

But not all snakes eat rabbits. In fact some snakes don’t eat rabbits at all. For example the king cobra feeds primarily on other snakes. So if you’re ever worried about a snake eating your pet rabbit you can rest assured that a king cobra is not the culprit.

Are Rabbits Afraid of Snakes?

Now that we know that snakes can eat rabbits it’s only natural to wonder if rabbits are afraid of snakes. After all rabbits are prey animals and they have good reason to be afraid of predators.

It turns out that rabbits are indeed afraid of snakes. But this fear is not always warranted. That’s because not all snakes pose a threat to rabbits. In fact some snakes actually help keep rabbits safe from other predators.

For example the garter snake is known to eat rodents which are a common predator of rabbits. So in some cases a garter snake can actually help protect a rabbit from becoming prey.

Do Snakes and Rabbits Get Along?

Given the fact that snakes can eat rabbits and that rabbits are afraid of snakes you might think that these two animals don’t get along. But in some cases snakes and rabbits can actually coexist peacefully.

It’s not uncommon for snakes and rabbits to live in the same area. This is especially true in areas where there is an abundance of food. For example a snake and a rabbit might both live in a field where there are plenty of other animals to eat.

In these cases the snake and the rabbit usually leave each other alone. They have no reason to fight or compete for food so they can live together peacefully.

Of course there are also cases where snakes and rabbits don’t get along. This is usually due to a lack of food. For example if a snake and a rabbit are both trying to eat the same piece of food they might end up fighting over it.

In some cases this can lead to the snake eating the rabbit. But in other cases the rabbit will be able to escape. It all depends on the situation.

The Bottom Line

So do snakes eat rabbits? The answer is yes but it’s not always as simple as that. Snakes and rabbits can have a complicated relationship. In some cases they get along just fine. But in other cases they can be deadly enemies.