Do Snakes Have Fur?


This is a question that often comes up when people are discussing snakes. The simple answer is no snakes do not have fur. However there are a few select species of snakes that have what is known as “spines” or “hairs”. These are not true fur but rather modified scales that have a bristly appearance.

Now that we’ve answered the question let’s take a closer look at why snakes don’t have fur and how they keep themselves warm without it.

Why Don’t Snakes Have Fur?

There are a few reasons why snakes don’t have fur. The first is that they are reptiles and reptiles don’t have fur. The second reason is that snakes are covered in scales which provide them with protection from the elements and predators.

Scales are also beneficial for another reason – they help snakes to move. When a snake wants to move it pushes off of the ground with its scales. This helps the snake to slither forward quickly and efficiently.

Fur would actually be a hindrance to a snake’s movement. Imagine trying to slither through the grass with a coat of fur! It would be very difficult if not impossible.

So now that we know why snakes don’t have fur let’s take a look at how they keep themselves warm without it.

How Do Snakes Stay Warm Without Fur?

One of the ways that snakes stay warm is by basking in the sun. When it’s cold outside snakes will often find a spot in the sun to warm up.

Another way that snakes stay warm is by using their metabolisms. Snakes can raise their body temperatures by digesting their food or by contracting and relaxing their muscles.

Finally some snakes will stay warm by using their environments. For example snakes that live in warm climates will often burrow underground to escape the heat of the day.