Do Snakes Like Water?


Some snakes are more aquatic than others and some barely tolerate getting wet at all.

So let’s take a look at a few different species of snakes and see where they fall on the spectrum of liking (or not liking) water.

Starting with one of the more aquatic snakes the water moccasin or cottonmouth.

As its name suggests this snake is very comfortable in and around water.

It’s an aggressive predator that hunts fish frogs and other small aquatic prey.

It’s often seen swimming in lakes and rivers and is even known to dive underwater in pursuit of its prey.

So it’s safe to say that water moccasins like water!

On the other end of the spectrum are snakes like the king snake.

These snakes are not at all fond of water and will avoid it if they can.

In the wild they stick to dry habitats like forests and grasslands.

They will drink water if they’re thirsty but they don’t like getting wet and will not go out of their way to seek out bodies of water.

In between the two extremes of water moccasins and king snakes are snakes like the garter snake.

These snakes are semi-aquatic meaning they’re comfortable both in and out of water.

They’re often seen near water sources like ponds and streams but they don’t necessarily need to be in or near water to survive.

So while they don’t mind getting wet they don’t necessarily love water like the water moccasin does.

So there you have it! A brief overview of how different snakes feel about water.

As you can see it really varies from species to species.

So if you’re ever curious about whether or not a particular snake likes water the best thing to do is to research that particular species and see where it falls on the spectrum.