Does Diesel Keep Snakes Away?


Diesel is often used as a snake repellent. It’s thought to work because snakes are sensitive to smell and can be deterred by strong odors. Diesel is also a type of fuel so it’s easily accessible and can be used without harming the environment.

There are a few different ways to use diesel to keep snakes away. The most common is to pour it around the perimeter of an area you want to keep snake-free. This creates a barrier that snakes are reluctant to cross.

Another method is to soak rags or cloths in diesel and place them in strategic locations such as under porches or in sheds. The smell of the diesel will keep snakes away from these areas.

If you’re dealing with a snake infestation you can also use diesel to kill snakes. This should be done as a last resort as it will also kill any other creatures that come into contact with the fuel.

Whether you’re using it as a repellent or as a way to kill snakes diesel is an effective tool for dealing with these feared creatures.