Does PetSmart Take Guinea Pigs?


Petsmart is a pet retailer that offers a wide variety of products and services for dogs cats fish birds and small animals.

They have a wide variety of guinea pig products available for purchase and they also offer a variety of services such as grooming and boarding.

Petsmart does not currently have any guinea pigs available for adoption but they do have a wide variety of other small animals available including rabbits hamsters and gerbils.

Where To Sell Your Guinea Pigs?

There are a number of options available when it comes to selling your guinea pigs.

You can list them for sale online in local newspapers or even put up flyers in pet stores or other businesses.

However you need to be sure that you are selling to a reputable source in order to ensure the safety of your animals.

Some things to consider when selling your guinea pigs include:

  • Where will they be kept?
  • Will they have enough space?
  • Will they be given proper care and attention?
  • What type of diet will they be fed?
  • Will they be allowed to socialize with other guinea pigs?

You should also be prepared to answer any questions that potential buyers may have about your animals.

This includes questions about their personality health history and any special needs they may have.

If you are not comfortable selling your guinea pigs yourself there are a number of animal rescue organizations that may be able to help.

These organizations typically have a network of foster homes where animals can be placed until they are adopted.

Selling your guinea pigs can be a difficult decision but it is important to make sure that they go to a good home where they will be well cared for.

With a little research and planning you can find the perfect home for your beloved pets.