How Bad Do Guinea Pigs Smell?


Guinea pigs are often lauded for being low-maintenance pets.

They don’t need to be taken for walks and they can live happily in a small space.

But one downside of owning a guinea pig is that they can be smelly creatures.

If you’ve ever been around a guinea pig you know that they have a distinct smell.

Some people describe it as a musky or earthy smell while others say it’s more like ammonia.

Regardless of how you describe it there’s no denying that guinea pigs have a strong odor.

So why do guinea pigs smell? The main reason is that they are natural foragers.

In the wild guinea pigs would spend their days searching for food.

This means that they would come into contact with a lot of different smells.

Over time guinea pigs have developed a strong sense of smell.

This is helpful for them in the wild but it also means that they can be quite smelly pets.

Their strong sense of smell can also be a problem if they live in a home with other pets.

For example if you have a dog your guinea pig may be able to smell the dog’s scent on you.

This can be stressful for the guinea pig and it may cause them to try to avoid you.

In addition to their strong sense of smell guinea pigs also have a lot of bacteria in their gut.

This bacteria helps them to digest their food but it also makes them smellier.

If you have a guinea pig there are a few things you can do to help reduce their odor.

First make sure they have a clean cage.

A dirty cage will make your guinea pig smell worse.

Second give them a bath every few weeks.

This will help to remove any dirt and bacteria that may be on their fur.

Finally give them fresh vegetables and fruits to eat.

A healthy diet will help to reduce the amount of bacteria in their gut and it will also make them less smelly.