How Do Ducks Fertilize Eggs?


Ducks fertilize their eggs internally with the male duck transferring sperm to the female’s oviduct (armpit) during mating.

Although most birds mate using copulation (the male mounts the female and inserts his cloacal protuberance into her cloaca) ducks possess an intromittent organ that is dedicated solely to transferring sperm.

This organ is located at the male’s vent and consists of a basal bulb from which two curved hollow tubes called a Lamonica and vas deferens emerge.

When the male mounts the female and attempts to copulate he everts his intromittent organ and inserts it into her cloaca.

During insertion elaborate spines on both

Do Ducks Need A Male To Fertilize Eggs?

Yes they do.

However a female duck can lay eggs without a male duck but the eggs will not hatch.

The eggs need to be fertilized by a male duck’s sperm in order to hatch.

Ducks will lay eggs whether they are fertilized or not but if they are not fertilized the eggs will not hatch.

Ducks will usually lay between 8 and 12 eggs at a time and the eggs will incubate for about 28 days before hatching.

How Can You Tell If A Duck Egg Is Fertilized?

Duck eggs that have been fertilized will develop a small embryo the size of a grape.

If you are not sure if an egg is fertilized or not you can candle the egg to check.

To candle an egg use a bright light and hold it up to the large end of the egg.

If you can see a small shadow inside the egg then the egg is fertilized.

How Do Ducks Have Mate?

Ducks mate in the same way that other animals do – by pairing up with a member of the opposite sex and mating.

ducks have evolved to be very good at breeding and can lay eggs even when they are not in a pair.

However in order for the ducklings to be healthy and have a good chance of survival it is best for them if the parents stay together.

When ducks mate the male will mount the female from behind and grasp her feathers near her neck with his beak.

This position is called “tied”.

The male then injects his sperm into the female’s cloaca.

After mating the male and female often remain together as a family unit to help take care of the young.

How Long After Mating Will A Duck Lay Fertile Eggs?

It typically takes a duck about two days to lay a fertilized egg after mating.

However it is possible for ducks to remain fertile for up to two weeks after mating so it is possible for a duck to lay a fertilized egg several days after mating.

In terms of incubation ducks typically incubate their eggs for 28 days before they hatch.

Therefore if a duck mates and then lays an egg immediately afterward the egg should hatch 28 days later.