How Do Falcons Kill Their Prey?


Falcons are stunningly beautiful birds of prey.

They have long pointed wings and can fly at high speeds reaching up to 200 miles per hour! Falcons are also known for their keen eyesight which allows them to spot their prey from far away.

So how do these magnificent birds kill their prey?

Falcons typically hunt small birds and mammals such as rabbits squirrels and mice.

When they spot their prey they will swoop down at high speeds and strike it with their powerful talons.

The impact of the strike is usually enough to kill the animal instantly.

If the prey is larger such as a duck or a pigeon the falcon will use its razor-sharp beak to puncture the animal’s brain killing it instantly.

Once the prey is dead the falcon will carry it back to its nest to feed its young.

Falcons are amazing predators and their hunting techniques are truly fascinating.

If you’re ever lucky enough to see one in action you’ll be sure to be impressed!