How Do Falcons Sleep?


Falcons are one of the most popular birds of prey in North America.

They are admired for their hunting skills and their beauty.

Falcons are also very interesting creatures with many unique behaviors.

One behavior that is particularly interesting is the way that falcons sleep.

Most birds perch on a branch or other object to sleep.

Falcons however sleep in mid-air.

They will find a thermal updraft to ride on and then spread their wings and tail to catch the rising air.

This allows them to stay aloft for long periods of time sometimes even sleeping while flying.

While this may seem like a dangerous way to sleep it actually has some advantages.

First it allows the falcon to keep a lookout for prey.

Sleeping in a tree or on the ground would make the falcon an easy target for predators.

Second it helps the falcon to stay warm.

Falcons are adapted to cold climates and need to keep their body temperature up.

Sleeping in the air helps them to do this.

Falcons are fascinating creatures and their sleeping habits are just one of the things that make them so interesting.

If you ever have a chance to see a falcon sleeping in mid-air be sure to take a look!

How Much Do Falcons Sleep?

Falcons are known for their incredible aerial prowess but did you know that they also sleep a lot? In fact falcons can spend up to 12 hours per day sleeping!

Why do these magnificent birds need so much sleep? Well for one flying takes a lot of energy.

By spending a good chunk of their day resting falcons can conserve their energy for when they need it most – like when they’re hunting or defending their territory.

But it’s not just the physical exertion of flying that can be tiring for falcons.

They also have to deal with the mental stress of constantly being on the lookout for predators and prey.

This can be really draining so it’s no wonder that they need to sleep for long periods of time to recharge.

Interestingly falcons don’t just sleep in one long stretch.

They usually take several short naps throughout the day totaling up to 12 hours of sleep in all.

This allows them to stay alert and ready to take on whatever comes their way.

So the next time you see a falcon soaring through the sky remember that this amazing bird is getting a good night’s sleep – in the middle of the day!