How Do Guinea Pigs Drink Water?


Guinea pigs are interesting creatures and one of the things that makes them so interesting is the way they drink water.

Most animals drink by lifting their head and letting gravity do the work but guinea pigs have to do things a bit differently.

Guinea pigs are what’s known as a barrel-shaped creature.

This means that their bodies are round and compact and their legs are short.

This body shape means that they can’t lift their heads up to drink like other animals.

Instead they have to lower their heads down to the ground and drink from a bowl or trough.

This can be a bit of a challenge especially if the bowl is placed too low to the ground.

Guinea pigs have to be careful not to tip their heads too far forward or they’ll end up with water all over their face.

They also have to be careful not to drink too much too quickly or they might end up with a stomach ache.

It’s actually not that difficult for guinea pigs to learn how to drink from a bowl or trough and most of them get the hang of it pretty quickly.

If you have a guinea pig that is having trouble there are a few things you can do to help.

First make sure that the bowl or trough is the right size.

It should be big enough for the guinea pig to lower its head all the way down but not so big that the guinea pig has to reach up.

Second place the bowl or trough in the right location.

It should be close to the ground but not so close that the guinea pig has to strain to reach it.

Third make sure the water is the right temperature.

Guinea pigs prefer cool water so if the water is too warm they might not want to drink it.

If you follow these tips you should have no trouble getting your guinea pig to drink from a bowl or trough.