How Do Guinea Pigs Mate?


Guinea pigs are social creatures that need the company of other guinea pigs to be happy and healthy.

When two guinea pigs meet they’ll start by sniffing each other and might even nibble on each other’s fur.

If they seem to get along they’ll start to play together.

Mating season for guinea pigs usually falls between late spring and early summer.

During this time male guinea pigs will start to show more interest in the females.

They’ll try to get the female’s attention by running around her and making loud noises.

If the female is interested she’ll allow the male to mount her.

The two will then mate with the male ejaculating into the female.

This process usually only takes a few seconds.

After mating the female will often clean herself off.

The two will then go their separate ways.

It’s important to note that guinea pigs can mate year-round.

However females who mate during the winter months are more likely to experience problems with their pregnancy.

If you’re planning on breeding guinea pigs it’s best to do so during the spring or summer months.