How Fast Do Guinea Pigs Grow?


Guinea pigs grow relatively quickly compared to other animals their size.

They can reach full adult size within four to six months although some may continue to fill out and add weight for up to a year.

Growth rates vary depending on the breed and sex of the guinea pig but all will reach their full adult size within this time frame.

Guinea pigs grow quickly reaching full size within a few months.

baby guinea pigs are born fully furred and with their eyes open.

they are able to eat solid food immediately although they will continue to nurse from their mother for a few weeks.

guinea pigs reach sexual maturity at around 4-6 weeks old at which point they can begin breeding.

however it is best to wait until they are a few months old before breeding as they are still growing and developing and may not be ready physically or emotionally.

Once they reach full size guinea pigs will continue to live for several years with an average lifespan of 5-7 years.

However some guinea pigs have been known to live for 10 years or more with proper care and diet.