How High Can Snakes Fall?


There’s no denying that snakes are absolutely fascinating creatures. They come in all shapes and sizes and can be found in almost every corner of the globe. And while we may not all be fans of these slithering creatures there’s no denying that they’re pretty darn cool.

But just how high can snakes fall?

Snakes have been known to fall from heights of up to 30 feet without sustaining serious injury. This is due in part to their relatively lightweight bodies and their ability to control their descent by coiling and uncoiling their bodies.

Interestingly snakes seem to be particularly adept at falling from great heights. In one famous incident a snake fell from an airplane and landed unharmed on the ground below.

So the next time you see a snake high up in a tree don’t be too alarmed. These reptiles are quite capable of getting themselves down to safety.

1. Snakes Are Pretty Good At Falling

Contrary to popular belief snakes are actually pretty good at falling. Thanks to their long slender bodies and flexible spines they’re able to contort their bodies in a way that helps them absorb the impact of a fall.

2. It Depends On The Snake

As we mentioned before there are all sorts of different snakes out there and each one has its own physical characteristics. That means that some snakes are better equipped to handle a fall than others.

For example snakes that have shorter bodies and thicker spines are going to be better at falling than those with longer thinner bodies.

3. It Also Depends On The Distance

When it comes to falling it’s not just the snake that matters it’s also the distance. A snake that falls from a short height is going to have an easier time than one that falls from a great height.

4. Snakes Can Fall From Pretty High Up

So just how high can snakes fall? Well it depends on the snake and the distance but snakes have been known to fall from pretty high up and survive.

There have been reports of snakes falling from trees cliffs and even buildings and while not all of them have survived many have.

5. They Usually Survive

When it comes down to it snakes are pretty good at falling and they usually survive. So if you’re ever worried about a snake falling don’t be. chances are they’ll be just fine.