How High Do Snakes Strike?


In the world of snakes there are many different ways to attack prey. Some snakes will lie in wait hidden in the shadows while others will actively seek out their next meal. But one thing all snakes have in common is the ability to strike with lightning speed and precision. So just how high do snakes strike?

The answer it turns out is quite variable. Some snakes like the cobra can strike up to 3/4 of their body length. Others like the viper can only strike about 1/3 of their body length. And still others like the boa constrictor can strike even higher up to their full body length.

So what determines how high a snake can strike? There are a few factors including the size and musculature of the snake the type of prey being targeted and the angle of the strike.

Size And Musculature:

The size and musculature of a snake play a big role in how high it can strike. Larger snakes like the boa constrictor have the advantage of being able to strike higher because they have more muscle mass. This allows them to generate more power and momentum which is necessary to reach their prey.

Type Of Prey:

The type of prey a snake is targeting also affects how high it can strike. Smaller prey like rodents or lizards requires less force to kill so snakes can get away with striking lower. But larger prey like birds or small mammals require more force to kill so snakes have to strike higher in order to succeed.

Angle Of Strike:

Finally the angle of the strike also plays a role in how high a snake can strike. A snake that strikes from above has a greater range of motion and can therefore strike higher than a snake that strikes from the side.

So there you have it. The next time you see a snake take a moment to appreciate just how high it can strike.