How Intelligent Are Snakes?


Most people think of snakes as slimy cold-blooded creatures that are not very intelligent. However snakes are actually very interesting creatures that are quite intelligent in their own way. Here are five things that you may not know about the intelligence of snakes.

1. Snakes Have Good Memory

Contrary to popular belief snakes do have a good memory. They can remember past events and locations quite well. This is likely due to the fact that they rely heavily on their sense of smell to remember things.

2. Snakes Can Learn

Not only do snakes have a good memory but they can also learn from their experiences. If a snake has a bad experience with a certain type of food for example it will remember that and avoid that food in the future.

3. Snakes Can Solve Problems

Another sign of intelligence in snakes is their ability to solve problems. If a snake is in an enclosure with a complex layout it will figure out how to navigate its way around.

4. Snakes Can Communicate

Snakes also have the ability to communicate with each other. They do this through a process called “pacing.” Pacing is when a snake moves its body in a certain way that sends a message to another snake.

5. Snakes Are Intelligent In Their Own Way

While snakes may not be as intelligent as humans they are still quite intelligent creatures in their own way. They have a good memory can learn from their experiences solve problems and communicate with each other.

Brain Size

One way to gauge intelligence is to look at brain size. mammals for example tend to be more intelligent than reptiles because they have larger brains.

However when comparing brain size to body size snakes are actually more similar to mammals than reptiles. Their brains are large in relation to their body size.

This suggests that snakes may be more intelligent than previously thought.


Another way to gauge intelligence is to look at behaviour. Some snakes such as the king cobra have been observed to use tools.

They have been known to pick up sticks and use them to lure prey out of hiding. This shows that snakes are capable of complex thinking and problem-solving.

Learning Ability

Scientists have also looked at learning ability to gauge intelligence. Some snakes such as pythons have been shown to be good at learning.

In one experiment pythons were able to learn how to open a door by watching a video of another python doing it. This suggests that snakes are able to learn and remember new information.

Overall the evidence suggests that snakes are more intelligent than previously thought. They have large brains complex behaviours and good learning ability.

So the next time you see a snake don’t be so quick to judge. They may be smarter than you think!