How Long Do Guinea Pigs Sleep?


Guinea pigs are interesting creatures.

They are very active when they are awake and seem to enjoy running and playing.

But they also spend a good portion of their day sleeping.

So how long do guinea pigs sleep?

On average guinea pigs sleep for about 12 hours per day.

This can vary somewhat depending on the individual guinea pig but 12 hours is generally a good estimate.

Guinea pigs typically sleep for shorter periods of time during the day and then have a longer sleep at night.

This is similar to the sleep patterns of humans and other animals.

During the day guinea pigs may take a nap for an hour or so.

Then they will be up and about for a while before taking another nap.

This pattern may repeat several times throughout the day.

At night guinea pigs usually sleep for several hours at a time.

This is when they get the majority of their sleep.

Guinea pigs do not hibernate so they do not need to sleep for long periods of time during the winter.

However they may sleep more during the winter months than they do during the summer.

Guinea pigs are social animals and they enjoy being around other guinea pigs.

For this reason it is often best to keep more than one guinea pig together.

If you are keeping guinea pigs as pets then you will need to provide them with a suitable enclosure.

This should include a sleeping area where they can rest and sleep in peace.

Guinea pigs are relatively easy to care for and make great pets.

If you provide them with a good home and plenty of love and attention they will be happy and content.