How Long Does A Guinea Pig Stay Pregnant For?


The answer to how long a guinea pig stays pregnant can vary based on the individual guinea pig but on average most guinea pigs will be pregnant for around 58 – 72 days.

Some guinea pigs may be pregnant for as short as 50 days while others may be pregnant for up to 80 days.

However 58 – 72 days is considered to be the average gestation period for a guinea pig.

If you have a guinea pig that you think may be pregnant it is important to take her to the vet to confirm the pregnancy and to get an estimate of how far along she is.

This is because it is possible for a guinea pig to experience a false pregnancy where her body goes through the motions and symptoms of pregnancy but she is not actually pregnant.

A guinea pig’s pregnancy can be divided into three stages: early middle and late.

During the early stage of pregnancy which lasts for the first 4-5 weeks the guinea pig’s body is preparing for pregnancy and the baby guinea pigs or pups are growing and developing inside of her.

She will not show many if any outward signs of pregnancy during this time.

The middle stage of pregnancy lasts from weeks 5-9 and is when the guinea pig’s belly will start to swell and she will begin to gain weight.

She may also start to nest and build a nest for her pups.

The late stage of pregnancy is from weeks 9-16 and is when the guinea pig’s belly will be the largest and she will be the heaviest.

She will be very close to giving birth at this point.

Once a guinea pig reaches the late stage of pregnancy she will give birth to anywhere from 1-8 pups with the average litter size being 4 pups.

After giving birth the guinea pig will clean her pups and then start to nurse them.

It is important to note that guinea pigs should not be bred before they are 6 months old as their bodies are not fully developed and they can have complications during pregnancy and childbirth.

Additionally guinea pigs should not have more than 2 liters in their lifetime as this can also lead to health complications.