How Many Snakes Are On Snake Island?


According to the herpetologist who discovered the island there are approximately 5000 snakes on the island.

However this number is based on the number of snakes he observed during his initial visit.

It’s possible that there are more snakes on the island that were not observed during his initial visit.

It’s also worth noting that the definition of “snake” can be quite ambiguous.

For the purposes of this article we’ll be using the definition of “snake” as any member of the suborder Serpentes.

This includes both venomous and non-venomous snakes.

With that said let’s take a closer look at Snake Island and its resident snakes.

Snake Island is located off the coast of Brazil in the Atlantic Ocean.

It’s home to a large variety of snakes including the highly venomous golden lancehead viper.

The island is relatively small measuring just over 3 miles in length and 1 mile in width.

Despite its small size the island is estimated to be home to anywhere from 2000 to 4000 snakes.

The high snake density on the island is due to a lack of predators.

The only predators on the island are birds of prey and they are not known to prey on snakes.

As a result the snakes on the island have little to fear from predators.

This has allowed them to thrive and reproduce at high rates.

The snakes on the island are also believed to be responsible for the decline of the island’s bird population.

The snakes prey on the birds and the bird population has declined significantly in recent years.

So how many snakes are on Snake Island? That’s still a bit of a mystery.

But what we do know is that the island is home to a large number of snakes and the population is growing.