How Much Water Should Guinea Pigs Drink?


Guinea pigs are small animals but they need to drink a lot of water to stay healthy.

How much water should guinea pigs drink?

Ideally guinea pigs should drink around 1 ounce of water per day for every pound of body weight.

So a 3-pound guinea pig should drink about 3 ounces of water per day.

Of course this varies depending on the guinea pig and its environment.

If it’s hot outside your guinea pig will need to drink more water to stay hydrated.

If your guinea pig is eating a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables it will also need to drink more water to compensate for the extra water content in its diet.

If you’re ever unsure whether your guinea pig is drinking enough water check its urine.

If it’s dark yellow or orange that’s a sign that your guinea pig is dehydrated and needs to drink more water.

So how can you make sure your guinea pig is getting enough water? The best way is to provide fresh clean water at all times and to offer a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables for your guinea pig to eat.

By following these simple tips you can help your guinea pig stay healthy and hydrated.