What Are Peacocks Good For?


Peacocks are best known for their beautiful plumage.

The male peacock’s tail feathers can measure up to six feet long and are covered in colorful eyespots.

The female peacock is much less flashy with duller plumage and shorter tail feathers.

Both male and female peacocks make loud screeching calls.

Peacocks are native to Asia and Africa and have been introduced to North America Europe and Australia.

In the wild peacocks typically live in forests near bodies of water.

They are omnivorous birds and will eat insects small mammals reptiles and even other birds.

Peacocks have been kept as pets for centuries.

In some cultures peacocks are considered good luck symbols.

In others they are considered to be bad omens.

Some people believe that peacocks can predict the weather.

If a peacock fans its tail feathers and cries it is said to be predicting rain.

If a peacock struts with its tail held high it is said to be predicting fair weather.

Whether you believe they are good luck symbols or not there is no denying that peacocks are beautiful fascinating creatures.

Why Do People Keep Peacocks?

There are many reasons why people might choose to keep peacocks as pets.

For some the beauty and grace of these birds are simply irresistible.

Peacocks can make a stunning addition to any garden or yard and their majestic plumage is sure to turn heads.

Others appreciate the fact that peacocks are relatively low-maintenance pets.

As long as they have plenty of space to roam and a few basic necessities they will be happy and healthy.

Peacocks are also relatively quiet so they won’t disturb the peace of your home.

Finally many people are drawn to peacocks because of their unique personalities.

These birds are intelligent and playful and they can form strong bonds with their owners.

If you’re looking for a pet that will provide you with endless entertainment and companionship a peacock may be a perfect choice.