What Do You Call A Crate Of Ducks?


A crate of ducks is called a flock. Ducks are social creatures and enjoy being in the company of others, so a flock is an ideal way to keep them comfortable and happy.

Plus, ducks are notoriously messy, so having more than one means you’ll have double the amount of mess to clean up!

What Does A Crate Of Ducks Mean?

A crate of ducks is a term used to describe a large quantity of ducks, usually 12 ducks.

The term is typically used in the context of hunting or farming, when a large number of ducks need to be transported.

Do Ducks Always Live In Flocks?

No, not always. While ducks enjoy the company of others and are typically found in flocks, there are some instances in which ducks will live on their own.

This is usually seen in domestic ducks that have been raised by humans since they were chicks. These ducks have never known the company of other ducks and so they do not feel the need to be around them.