What Size Steel Shot To Use For Ducks?


There is no definitive answer to this question as the optimal size of steel shot for ducks will depend on a number of factors including the type of ducks you are hunting the type of shotgun you are using and your personal shooting preferences.

However we can narrow it down to a few general tips that should help you choose the right size steel shot for ducks. 

If you are hunting puddle ducks like mallards teal or widgeon a good rule of thumb is to use #2 or #3 steel shot. For dabblers like pintails and shovelers go up one size to #1 or even BB shots.

And for divers like scaup and redheads you will need to go up even further to T or BBB shots.

Keep in mind that the larger the shot the more pellets you will need to hit your target so make sure you have a shotgun that can handle the size of steel shot you are using.

Also keep in mind that a larger steel shot will have more recoil than a smaller shot so be prepared for that.

In terms of personal preference it really comes down to what you are most comfortable with.

If you are new to duck hunting err on the side of using a larger steel shot so you have a better chance of hitting your target.

Once you get more experience under your belt you can experiment with different sizes of steel shots to see what works best for you.

What Size Steel Shot Is Best For Duck Hunting?

There are a few things to consider when choosing the best size steel shot for duck hunting. 

The first is the type of shotgun you’re using. If you’re using a pump-action or semi-automatic then you’ll want to use smaller pellets like #2 or #4. This will help prevent jams in your gun. 

The second is the range at which you’ll be shooting. If you plan on shooting ducks at close range then larger pellets like #1 or #BBB will work well.

But if you’ll be shooting at longer ranges then smaller pellets like #6 or #8 will give you better accuracy. 

And finally consider what kind of ducks you’ll be hunting. If you’re hunting smaller ducks like teal or widgeon then smaller pellets will work fine.

But if you’re hunting larger ducks like mallards or gadwalls then you’ll need to use larger pellets to make sure you have enough power to take them down. 

Is 2 Shot Too Big For Ducks?

It can be. Ducks are designed to eat small invertebrates like insects larvae and crustaceans.

Larger items may not fit in their stomach and could cause choking or vomiting. Try offering a mix of different-sized food items instead.

Some people also like to give ducks watermelon which is a good source of hydration and sugar but it’s best to avoid feeding them bread popcorn or other junk food.

Ducks that have access to a body of water will usually find enough natural food to eat but they will also take advantage of handouts if they’re available.

Is 2 Shot Or 4 Shot Better For Ducks?

It depends on what you are hunting for. If you are hunting for a single drake then a 4 shotgun will work better.

If you are hunting in a flock then a 2 shot shotgun will work better because it will take out two ducks with one shell.