Where Can Dogs Pee In New York City?


Dogs can pee just about anywhere in New York City.

There are no specific places designated for dogs to pee and as long as they are on a leash they can pretty much go wherever they please.

There are a few public parks that allow dogs to be off-leash but even those parks have restrictions on where dogs can and cannot pee.

Generally speaking it’s best to avoid peeing on people’s property or in places where people might step in your dog’s urine.

Otherwise just find an empty lot or street corner and let your dog do his thing!

Can Dogs Pee Anywhere In NYC?

Dogs are welcome in most public places in New York City but there are a few exceptions. For example dogs are not allowed on subway trains or buses.

Similarly there are some parks and beaches where dogs are not allowed.

That said there are plenty of places where dogs can relieve themselves in NYC.

Most sidewalks have “dog-friendly” areas indicated by signs (usually showing a dog with a CELEBRATE YOUR PET waste bag).

These areas are typically third-party spaces like storefronts or takeout windows where pets can go without fear of getting in trouble. 

Of course the best place for your dog to do its business is at home!

If you live in an apartment or building with a backyard make sure to give your dog access to that space so it can relieve itself in a more private setting.

If you don’t have access to a backyard take your dog for walks around the block frequently so it can do its business in a safe and designated area.

How Can I Get My Dog To Pee In NYC?

NYC is a big bustling city – and for many dogs it can be quite overwhelming! If you’re having trouble getting your dog to pee in the Big Apple here are a few tips to try:

  1. Take your dog to an off-leash park before attempting to walk him in the city. This will allow him to get out all of his excess energy so he’s not as inclined to mark his territory while on a walk.
  2. If possible avoid walking your dog in areas where there are a lot of other dogs – this will only make him more anxious and likely to pee.
  3. Avoid city streets with loud traffic or construction noise – these can startle your pup and make it harder for him to concentrate.
  4. Take plenty of potty breaks – even if your dog doesn’t need to go stopping for a quick break will help him feel more relaxed and less inclined to mark his territory.
  5. Be patient! It may take some time for your dog to get used to the city but eventually he’ll be able to hold it until he gets home.

Where Can I Take My Dog To Pee?

There are a few options for taking your dog pee in NYC.

If you’re in the downtown area head over to Madison Square Park where there’s a designated spot for canine toileting.

Another popular spot is Union Square Park which also has a designated dog potty area.

If you’re uptown head over to Central Park—specifically the Sheep Meadow—or Riverside Park.

There are also many smaller parks throughout the city that welcome dogs and have designated areas for them to relieve themselves.

Just be sure to always clean up after your pup!

Can Dogs Poop On The Sidewalk In NYC?

There is no law against dogs pooping on the sidewalk in NYC but that doesn’t mean it’s legal.

In fact it’s considered a public nuisance and can result in a fine if the dog owner is caught. It’s also considered unsanitary and can lead to the spread of diseases.

So while your dog may be able to get away with doing its business on the sidewalk it’s not recommended.

There are plenty of other places for your dog to poop where it won’t offend anyone or cause any health hazards.