Where Do Ducks Lay Their Eggs?


Ducks typically lay their eggs in a hidden location near water such as in tall grass under a bush or on the edge of a pond.

Where Do Ducks Hide Their Eggs?

Ducks typically hide their eggs in a hidden location on land near water sources such as under shrubs trees and grass.

Ducks don’t really hide their eggs. They just lay them in hidden places.

Some ducks will try to protect their nests by sitting on them but most of the time the eggs just sit there until they hatch or are eaten by predators.

Where Do Ducks Make Their Nests?

Ducks make their nests in a variety of places depending on the species.

Some make floating nests out of vegetation while others will dig a shallow hole in the ground lining it with down.

Some tree-nesting ducks will build their nests high up in the fork of branches while others may build them close to the ground in bushes or among rocks.

There is a huge variation in how well protected from predators different species’ nests are.

Some merely scrape out a bit of depression and lay their eggs on bare ground while others build domed nesting structures that completely cover and protect the eggs when the mother duck is not sitting on them. 

Interestingly most female ducks actually don’t mate with the same drake (male duck) year after year. Instead they will choose a new mate each season.

Studies have shown that this might be because the females want to ensure that their offspring are healthy and fit and that they will have the best chance of survival.

By choosing a new mate each year the females can mix up the gene pool and produce strong healthy ducklings.

What Time Of Year Do Ducks Lay Eggs?

Ducks lay eggs typically in the springtime. This is because the warmer weather and longer days help stimulate their reproductive system.

The ducks will mate and then build a nest out of vegetation which is where the female will lay her eggs. It is not uncommon for a duck to lay between 6 and 12 eggs at a time.

The incubation period for ducks is usually around 28 days so you can expect them to hatch sometime in early to mid-summer.

Where Do Backyard Ducks Lay Eggs?

Ducks will generally lay their eggs in a nest that has been specifically constructed for them although they may occasionally lay eggs in other places.

The typical duck nest is a simple structure made out of straw and grass and it is usually located on the ground near some water. 

However some ducks will choose to build their nests in trees or bushes if given the opportunity.

And as duck experts often point out it’s not unusual for backyard ducks to lay their eggs in the most unlikely of places – including inside houses!

So if you’ve got a duck or two in your backyard and you’re wondering where they’re laying their eggs don’t be too surprised if you find them anywhere and everywhere!