Why Are My Guinea Pigs Fighting All Of A Sudden?


If your guinea pigs are suddenly fighting there could be a number of reasons why.

It’s important to try to figure out the root cause of the fighting so that you can take steps to prevent it from happening again in the future.

Guinea pigs are social animals so they generally do well when kept in pairs or small groups. However sometimes conflict can arise between two guinea pigs.

The most common reason for fighting is when two pigs are competing for dominance.

This can happen when two pigs are of the same sex and are around the same age or when one pig is significantly larger than the other.

If your pigs are fighting you’ll need to separate them so that they can’t hurt each other.

Once they’re separated take a look at the following factors that could be contributing to the fighting:

  1. Diet: A lack of nutrients in the diet can lead to aggression and fighting. Make sure your pigs are getting a balanced diet that includes hay fresh vegetables and a small amount of pellets.
  2. Housing: Guinea pigs should have plenty of space to run and play. If they’re kept in a small cage this can lead to frustration and aggression.
  3. Socialization: It’s important for guinea pigs to socialize with other pigs. If they’re kept isolated they can become lonely and aggressive.
  4. Age: Young pigs are often more playful and can sometimes become too rough when playing. Older pigs can also become aggressive if they feel threatened.
  5. Health: If a guinea pig is sick or in pain this can lead to aggression. If you think your pig might be ill take them to the vet for a check-up.

If you can identify the cause of the fighting you can take steps to prevent it from happening again.

For example if your pigs are fighting because of diet issues you can try feeding them a more balanced diet.

If socialization is the issue you can try introducing them to new pigs. And if age is a factor you can try to provide them with more toys and playtime.