Why Are Snakes So Expensive?


While many people believe that snakes are expensive animals due to their unique appearance and reputation the truth is that their care can also be quite costly. Here are five reasons why snakes are expensive pets:

1. They Require Specialized Housing.

Snakes need a warm humid environment to stay healthy which means they require specialized housing that can be expensive to set up and maintain. Their enclosure must be escape-proof and it must be large enough to allow them to move around and explore. Additionally it must be equipped with a heating system and humidity control to maintain the proper temperature and humidity levels.

2. They Need Specialized Food.

Snakes are carnivores which means they require a diet of live prey. This can be expensive as live prey can be hard to come by and can be expensive to purchase in large quantities. Additionally snakes can be picky eaters so you may have to experiment with different types of prey before finding one that your snake will eat.

3. They Require Regular Vet Care.

Snakes need to see a reptile veterinarian for regular check-ups and vaccinations which can be costly. Additionally they are susceptible to a variety of health problems so you may need to pay for expensive treatments if your snake becomes sick.

4. They Are Not Always Easy To Handle.

Snakes can be difficult to handle and they can be dangerous if they are not handled properly. If you are not experienced in handling snakes you may need to pay for professional help.

5. They Can Live For A Long Time.

Snakes can live for many years which means you will need to commit to caring for them for the long haul. This can be expensive as their housing and food needs will continue throughout their lifetime.