Why Do Dogs Age So Fast?


Dogs age at a much faster rate than humans.

On average dogs reach 70% of their adult size by the time they are 6 months old and are considered “senior citizens” at 7 years old.

Dogs age so fast because their life expectancy is only about 10-12 years.

This is compared to humans who have a life expectancy of around 70-80 years.

There are a few reasons why dogs age so quickly.

One reason is that dogs have a much shorter lifespan than humans.

Another reason is that dogs grow quickly and reach their adult size by 6 months old.

Lastly dogs undergo major changes as they age such as losing muscle mass and experiencing decreases in cognitive function and vision.

Despite the fact that dogs age quickly they still enjoy many happy years with their human companions.

What Causes Dogs To Age Faster Than Humans?

Dogs age faster than humans and scientists are still trying to figure out why.

Dogs reach maturity around one year of age while humans take until around age 20.

Dogs then experience rapid aging and most die by the age of 10.

There are a few theories as to why dogs age so fast.

One theory is that dogs’ shorter lifespan is due to their high energy levels.

Dogs expend a lot of energy playing running and fetching balls and this wears down their bodies more quickly than in slower-moving animals like elephants.

Another theory is that dogs’ shorter lifespan is due to their eating habits.

Dogs are scavengers who will eat anything they can find including garbage and dead animals.

This diet can lead to health problems such as liver disease intestinal blockages and pancreatitis.