Why Do Dogs Hips Sway When Walking?


There are a few reasons why a dog’s hips sway when walking.

One reason is that it helps them to maintain balance.

When a dog’s hips sway from side to side it helps them to keep their center of gravity over their feet which makes it easier for them to walk and run.

Another reason why dogs’ hips sway when walking is that it helps to increase their stride length.

When a dog’s hips sway from side to side it lengthens their stride which allows them to cover more ground with each step.

This is especially beneficial for dogs who are trying to cover a lot of ground quickly such as when they are running after a ball or chasing another animal.

Finally dogs may also sway their hips when walking because it feels good! Dogs are very flexible creatures and many of them enjoy stretching and moving their bodies in new and interesting ways.

Swaying their hips back and forth may simply feel good for them and it may be a way for them to relieve boredom or stress.

Is It Normal For Dogs’ Hips To Sway When Walking?

Yes it is normal for dogs’ hips to sway when walking.

This is because dogs have a double-jointed hip structure that allows for a greater range of motion than humans.

This extra range of motion allows dogs to run jump and play more easily but it also means that their hips may sway when they walk.

If you notice your dog’s hips swaying more than usual or if they seem to be in pain when walking be sure to take them to the vet for a check-up.

What Does It Mean When My Dog’s Hips Sway When Walking?

When your dog’s hips sway while walking it generally means that they are trying to loosen up their hips and legs in order to make themselves more comfortable.

This is often seen in older dogs who may be starting to experience arthritis or other joint pain.

By swaying their hips back and forth they are able to increase blood flow and loosen up their muscles and joints.

While it may look odd to us it is actually a perfectly natural way for dogs to relieve pain and discomfort.