Why Do Magpies Eat Dog Poop?


Magpies are known for their love of shiny objects, but they will also eat just about anything, including dog feces.

While it’s not exactly clear why they do this, it’s thought that the feces may contain small amounts of food that the magpie finds appealing.

Additionally, the feces may provide the magpie with some needed nutrients that are not found in their usual diet.

Whatever the reason, it’s definitely not something that we would recommend letting your magpie do on a regular basis!

Is It Normal For Magpies To Eat Dog Poop?

It’s not unusual for magpies to eat dog poop.

In fact, they often see it as a tasty treat! While it may not be the most appetizing thing to us, humans, magpies seem to enjoy it.

There are a few reasons why magpies may eat dog poop.

First, it’s a good source of protein and other nutrients.

Magpies are opportunistic eaters and will take advantage of any food source they can find.

Another reason magpies may eat dog poop is that it’s easy to find.

If there’s a lot of dog poop around, the magpies will likely go for it over other food sources.

Finally, some experts believe that magpies eat dog poop as a way to protect their young.

The theory is that by eating the feces, the magpies are less likely to attract predators to their nests.

Whatever the reason, it’s clear that magpies are not afraid to chow down on dog poop.

So, if you see a magpie eating poop, don’t be too surprised.

It’s just their natural behavior.

Why Do Birds Eat Dog Poop?

There are a variety of reasons why birds may eat dog poop.

It could be that they are attracted to the smell or taste of the feces, or that they think it is a source of food.

In some cases, birds may eat dog poop simply because they are curious or bored.

Whatever the reason, it is important to remember that birds are not looking to eat dog poop because it is dirty or gross.

In fact, many birds actually benefit from eating feces, as it can help them clean their digestive system and get rid of any parasites that may be living inside of them.