Why Do Snakes Bite Humans?


There are a variety of reasons that snakes bite humans. Some snakes are more prone to biting than others, and some bites are more serious than others. Here are a few reasons why snakes bite humans:

  1. Protection: Snakes are wild animals, and they will bite to protect themselves if they feel threatened. If you approach a snake too closely, it may feel like it is in danger and strike out.
  2. Hunger: Some snakes will bite humans if they are hungry and see us as potential prey. This is more common in areas where there is a shortage of food for snakes.
  3. Curiosity: In some cases, a snake may bite simply out of curiosity. If they have never seen a human before, they may want to take a closer look and end up biting us.
  4. Defense of young: Like many animals, snakes will become aggressive if they feel their young are in danger. If you get too close to a snake’s nest, the parents may attack.
  5. Pain: In some cases, a snake may bite because it is in pain. If it has an injury or illness, it may lash out at anything that comes near it.

Bites from snakes can range from minor to serious, depending on the type of snake and the size of the snake. Some snakes have venom that can be dangerous, while others do not.

If you are bitten by a snake, it is important to seek medical attention immediately, even if the bite does not seem serious.