Why Do Snakes Hiss?


Have you ever wondered why snakes hiss? It’s not because they’re angry or trying to scare you as many people think.

In fact there are a few different reasons why snakes hiss and it’s actually a pretty interesting behavior.

If you’ve ever been around a snake you’ve probably noticed that they hiss when they’re disturbed or feel threatened.

This is actually a defense mechanism that they use to try and scare away whatever is causing them to feel threatened.

By hissing the snake is trying to make itself seem larger and more intimidating which may make the threat go away.

Another reason why snakes hiss is because they’re trying to communicate with other snakes.

Snakes use a variety of different vocalizations to communicate with each other and hissing is just one of them.

Hissing can be used to communicate a variety of different things depending on the situation.

For example a snake might hiss to warn another snake that it’s about to strike or it might hiss to show submission.

So those are just a few of the reasons why snakes hiss.

It’s actually a pretty fascinating behavior and it’s one of the many things that make snakes so interesting to study.