Will Ducks Lay On Unfertilized Eggs?


Ducks do lay on unfertilized eggs but they won’t hatch.

Ducks will usually abandon a nest if eggs are not being incubated but sometimes will continue to sit on the eggs even after they have stopped being fertile.

If the ducks do continue to sit on the eggs the embryos will eventually die and the eggs will rot.

Do Ducks Know If Their Eggs Are Fertile?

Ducks as well as other birds have a way of knowing if their eggs are fertile or not.

They can tell by the smell and the color of the egg. If an egg is fertile it will be a darker color than an infertile egg.

And if you crack open an egg and it smells “off” or “rank” that means the egg is no good and should not be eaten.

How Many Eggs Will A Duck Lay Before Sitting On Them?

Ducks will lay about 10 eggs before they sit on them.

Ducks will lay eggs until they have a full nest which is usually around 12-15 eggs.

Once the ducks have laid all their eggs they will start sitting on them and incubate them for about 28 days.

After the ducklings have hatched the mother will stay with them for a few weeks to teach them how to find food and protect themselves.

Will A Male Duck Sit On Eggs?

A male duck will generally sit on eggs if the female is not around but he will not incubate them.

If you want your ducks to successfully hatch their eggs it is best to have a dedicated duck douse for them with an enclosed area where the drake (male) cannot get to the nesting boxes.

This is because drakes have been known to crush eggs when they sit on them.

While some people think this may be accidental others believe that it could be done out of boredom or even jealousy!

If you do choose to let your ducks free-range just make sure to collect the eggs daily so that they don’t become breakfast for one of these sly creatures.